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Special Children’s Christmas Party 2017


As one of the sponsors for the Special Children’s Christmas Party we received this notification that we thought we would share.

Thank you so much for your support of the Special Children’s Christmas Party and for giving hundreds and hundreds of local families a perfect day.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

To all the first time families who attended, and there were many, we hope you enjoyed the day and made some wonderful family memories and we thank you all for your patience and smiles when the queues got a little long.

Here’s some of the feedback …


We wish you and yours a Merry and safe Christmas and a New Year filled with great fun and beautiful memories.


Thank you so much for helping us to bring so much joy to hundreds and hundreds of local families in a very warm Fred Moule Pavilion on Saturday the 2nd.

More information on this event can be found on the Special Children’s Christmas Party website – click here

History of the Special Children’s Christmas Party


The United Nations commissioned a Western Australian promotions company to devise a project that would benefit special needs children as part of the celebrations for the International Year of the Child in 1979.  The result was “The Special Children’s Christmas Party”.

The aim was to give the most marginalised of children who would otherwise have missed the Christmas activities, the chance to gather and share the magic of the Festive Season with a community larger than their circle of family and carers.

More than thirty years later, the goal remains the same: to gather the children who are ill and disabled and to help them forget their troubles for a few hours; to help their families and carers see they are not alone; to allow the children to just be kids enjoying a magical time of year; to foster a belief in happiness and better times in the children, their families and the volunteers and sponsors who make it possible.

The first Townsville Special Children’s Christmas Party was held in 1991.  Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton followed in 1993.  Over the years, more than 110,000 invitations have been issued to children in these areas.  We have watched children grow to adults that now volunteer their time at the event they used to attend.  We have shared the grief with families who have lost a child or children to the challenges they had so bravely battled.  Some of these parents also come to volunteer as ‘pay back’ for the joy the Party brought their children.

Our promise is not to provide a cure for whatever ails the children but to give them the opportunity to simply have fun.  They will be making memories that will have to last some families a lifetime.

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