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LIFEPAK CR® Plus Automated External Defibrillator (AED)


Easy two-step operation, escalates to 360J. The semi or fully automatic model of the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is designed to deliver a shock only if it determines a heart needs it. No one even needs to press a shock button. Most reliable and cost effective solution over an 8 year warranty period.

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Unlike other Automated External Defibrillators (AED) on the Australian market, the Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR® Plus is designed without the complicated prompts and limited energy for defibrillation. Instead, LIFEPAK CR® Plus is built to facilitate quickly; providing an easy two-step operation, guidance and the ability to escalate to 360 joules if required.

Designed to be easy, safe and effective,  the LIFEPAK CR® Plus is a semi or fully automatic external defibrillator, for both the non-professional and hospital team.

At hand and ready

A responder to a sudden cardiac arrest victim only needs to:

  • Turn on the device
  • Apply the QUIK-PAK™ electrode pads to the victim

LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED features

  • 8 year warranty and meets ANZCOR guidelines
  • Available in semi of fully automatic operation
  • Easy two-step process for non-professionals
  • Fully automatic shock delivery without the need to push a button
  • Industry-leading 360 joules capability
  • Trusted technology used by medical professionals
  • ClearVoice™ prompts offering step-by-step instructions
  • Superior SafeGuard Power System maintains life of batteries
  • Simplified automatic self-tests for maintenance and operation
  • Lightweight and compact defibrillator design
  • Compatible with Rotaid AED wall cabinet

Semi or fully automatic & easiest AED in Australia

Chances are you’re not a medial professional, yet with the right help at hand, each of us will have the ability to help save a human life – the life of a friend, student, work mate or passerby with sudden cardiac arrest. Making places safer to live, work and play is Physio-Control’s range of automatic defibrillators. The LIFEPAK CR® Plus in this range of trusted devices is Australia’s easiest AED, as it’s designed to deliver a shock only if it determines the heart needs it.

Safest & Most Effective Automatic Defibrillator on the Australian Market

A joule (J) is a unit of energy used as the measurement of shock strength provided by an AED. LIFEPAK CR® Plus provides an initial shock at 200J, which has been shown to defibrillate hearts of most sudden cardiac arrest victims. However, some hearts are more difficult than others and that is why the LIFEPAK CR® Plus provides the full range of energy. Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR® Plus is trusted by medical professionals, schools, offices, community organisations, sport associations, health practitioners and Defence.


More than 55 years ago, Physio-Control provided a medical device that launched an industry. Years later, Physio-Control remain the leaders in setting new standards for the design and manufacturing of lifesaving tools, in and out of the hospital.

In the box

  • Defibrillator
  • 1 pair QUIK-PAK defibrillation electrodes
  • 1 x CHARGE-PAK, and 1 protocol card installed in the device
  • Operating instructions
  • Orientation DVD
  • 1 x carry case
  • 1 x spare pair QUIK-PAK defibrillation electrodes
  • Ambu Res-Cue Mask
  • First responder kit
  • AED program implementation starter kit
  • Accessories catalogue
  • 8 year warranty


Replacing Your Current AEDs?

Do your Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) deliver ANZCOR best practices? Click here to find out.

Watch the video tutorial for instructions on how to use  your AED

This video demonstrates, step by step, the use of a Physio Control LIFEPAK AED’s and how they save lives. The operating steps demonstrated in the video are applicable to the LIFEPAK CR® PLUS, LIFEPAK EXPRESS® and LIFEPAK 1000®

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